About Paul

Paul Greenwell
Internet’s biggest loser bimbo



Besides the pathetic loser faggot Sophie, Paul Greenwell is the most pathetic loser you will ever see on the internet. Exposedfaggots.com was started over 10 years ago and one of the first faggots to pay for exposure was paul Greenwell, since then he hasn’t stopped at the most having a week or 2 off. Exposure truly is his life, and hes such a pathetic loser that he knows he has to pay for it, just like his boyfriend dipshit sophie LOL

Regularly Paul Greenwell will go days if not weeks staying in his room, jerking off to hypno porn. He won’t talk to anyone or even see the sunlight LOL. Then once he comes he will eat it… he will feel massive regret and get depressed for about  5 mins then he starts jerking off again. Its a loop he will never get out of and he knows this. He knows there is no point even trying to break the loop, without exposure he has nothing. He wouldnt know what to do with himself. He cant make new friends because everyone knows what an exposed loser faggot he is. If he goes to the local bar he gets ran out straight away… just walking down the street people yell out and humiliate him. The only thing for him to do is to put all his effort and money into exposing himself even more. 

Being the Mascot of exposedfaggots.com has given this faggot something to live for, and now hes dating crackhead dipshit sophie he can be plastered all over her site where he belongs.